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Robi Dely - guitarist, composer, arranger

He started playing guitar at the age of 15 in amateur blues and rock bands. 17 years old when he started to get interested in jazz music. Initially self-taught to improvise, later he had private lessons from Miklós Faragó. In 1990 he became a student at the Postás School of Music, where he studied jazz guitar from Sándor Horányi, and orchestral practice from József Pap. In 1992 he attended to the Jazz Department of Liszt Ferenc Music Academy. His teachers were: Gyula Babos, Attila László, Sándor Horányi, János Gonda, László Gőz, Mihály Borbély, Károly Friedrich, István Regős. In 1992, he formed his first professional jazz band named Delyrium. They have performed in clubs in Budapest and around. The band which existed quartet or trio formations, its members were: János Lutz - double bass, Sándor Tóth - saxophone, Tamás Berditz - drums, Sándor Tiba - drums, Péter Molnár - bass, Viktor Hárs - bass, István Baló - drums, Gábor Winand - saxophone, János Sramkó - drums. In 1995 he won first prize in jazz guitar category in a competition called "Les Nuit De La Gitarre" amoung more than two hundred guitarists in Lausanne Switzerland. In 1996 he graduated from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music. Between 1995-1999 they made numerous recordings for the Hungarian Radio. Mostly his own compositions were recorded. In 1999, he formed the Roby Dely Group: Elemer Balazs - drums, Gábor Cselik - piano, Lajos Gyenge - drums, Viktor Hárs - bass, Csaba Klenyán - clarinet, Gábor Winand - saxophone. In 2000, the Roby Dely Group made an album,"Downtown Stories"(BMC CD 029).
In 2004 the Robi Dely Trio recorded an album titled "On the Corner of the Little Rainforest". Later he founded the band Corner Dely, where his partners were: Ákos Csejtey, Gábor Cseke, Viktor Hárs, Csaba Pusztai. In 2009 they recorded a CD "Flying Object" (RDM CD 001). In 2012 they recorded two CDs, "Szimpla Concerto"(RDM CD 002) and "Cry or Smile" (RDM CD 003). In 2015 Robi recorded an album titled "Free Market" (CD RDM 004), where his partners were Joanna Broabsis and Jack Redsun Lyd. Since 1995 he teaches jazz guitar and ensemble at Postás School of Music, from 2009, at Tóth Aladár Music School. At this moment he is leading the band, Trio DeLyra with Viktor Hárs and Lajos Gyenge.

Gábor Cseke - piano

Viktor Hárs - bass

Csaba Pusztai - drums

Gyenge Lajos - dob